Here’s the conundrum when you discover a mouse has been creeping around your home: There are no options that aren’t a death sentence for the mouse.

Option 1: Use kill-em-dead traps

Option 2: Use keep-em-alive traps and then move them far enough away that they can’t get back to your house… that is, they can’t get back to their home, their community, their known sources of food

Okay, sure, there’s a theoretical option 3 where the mouse stays but, really, even in our household where I’ve been known to redirect a meandering ant and tell it it had better be gone the next time I look in that direction, there’s no actual option 3.

Life is mostly like that, though. In our perpetual searches for right and wrong answers, for the ways forward that are most likely to create the outcomes we want and/or least likely to lead to regret, we miss that all options are ultimately mixes of challenges and opportunities.

There is still due diligence.

There is still gathering what information we can, looking at the option through the lens of our values, and being deliberate in our decision-making rather than feeling bullied by shoulds, artificial deadlines (when they are, indeed, artificial) or our emotions.

What there isn’t is perfection.

Yeah, it annoys me, too.

Best of luck to all of us.

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