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In a lot of ways, death + stuff is about disruption – disrupting a death-phobic culture that makes the reality of our mortality even scarier than it needs to be and makes it harder to mourn when our loved ones of whatever species cross that great and mysterious divide.

It’s also about disrupting the pay-for-access model. I mean, it has its place. I’m just not interested in death + stuff being one of those places.

Instead, free subscribers get the exact same content and access as paid subscribers.

So, why on earth would anyone pay?

That is a legit question, friend, and here’s the answer: All subscriber moneys fund a scholarship program meant to disrupt the reality that coaching is an advantage almost exclusively given to already-advantaged people. It’s an ethics thing.

When you subscribe – free or paid – you’ll receive exceedingly-brief reflections each weekday morning with roughly these themes:

  • Mondays: meditations while cooking
  • Tuesdays: our web of interconnection
  • Wednesdays: deconditioning
  • Thursdays: memories of a friend’s dying
  • Fridays: walk the talk

My hope it that at least now and then, you’ll find more in mortality, including the relief of looking at it directly and discovering that not only are you able to but that your life and focus are enhanced along the way.

How about a sample?

a screenshot of a Monday death + stuff post about beets: Beets are an uncomfortably honest vegetable. They taste like earth and stain one's hands like blood. (Also, they're delicious when roasted into chewy beet candy in a 450 oven)
a death + stuff Tuesday: On the way home from buying sandpaper, I yawned unabashedly then met eyes with a guy in the next car. He smiled sheepishly at being spotted while spotting me which made me smile which made him laugh and then we both drove off, laughing.
A death + stuff Wednesday: Back when I still believed my body was my enemy, I would eat little cellophane-wrapped snack cakes with indecipherable ingredients because they had the "right" numbers in the calories and fat boxes.
A Thursday on death + stuff: Lunch today was overnight oats with chia seeds and strawberries. The sprouted oats came out of C's pantry. Even now, over a month after her transition, she continues to nourish me.
A death + stuff Friday: Our hearts beat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and yet we tend to ignore this miracle of biology. Go on- take a moment to feel your pulse and wonder at all the processes that keep you alive with nary an effort on your part.
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Meet SB...

Known equally for her laughter and her cogent questions, SB is the business coach who takes a holistic view and the empowerment coach who brings the work down to earth. While her psychology degree from UNC-Greensboro and coach training from the Coach Training Alliance shaped her understanding of human behavior, her innate abilities to create cohesive pictures out of seemingly disparate parts and see people from the intersection of what is and what could be are what makes coaching with SB a particularly unique experience. From the brick ranch on a creek in Southwest Virginia that she shares with her wife, Theresa, and their pit bull pup, SB collaborates with those seeking their bigger selves and badder lives across the country and around the world.

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