I’ve had a tingling of an idea for some years now…

A turning of my coaching practice toward a more overt recognizing of the reality of our mortality and how that reality can clarify what we each mean, as individuals, by our Life Well Lived, our unique version of bigger and badder.

That turning toward has been happening all the while, as I read and learn and contemplate…

As I live and experience and converse…

Wednesday, May 1, launches the first public-facing facet of this turning, a new project called Death + Stuff. 

the rad logo for Death + Stuff by Mike Childress of Agile Marketing Collective

Logo by the amazing Mike Childress of Agile Marketing Collective

Death + Stuff starts as a weekday email marked by brevity: a sentence or three about where I’m finding more in mortality, with themes:

Mondays: meditations on cooking
because we are living beings kept alive by eating living beings (yes, even you, vegans)

Tuesdays: our web of interconnection
because we aren’t just in this together, we need each other to navigate well

Wednesdays: deconditioning
because turning toward mortality is inherently a rejection of our death/dying-avoidant culture

Thursdays: memories of a friend’s dying
because we find the global in the intimate

Fridays: walk the talk
because tiny little actions are what turn big ships 


This is what the first email looks like; all will be about this length.

I hope each will stir your heart, mind, and spirit.

I hope each will inspire you to lean even more into the richness that is being alive and knowing that living is inherently a time-limited thing.

about the subscription thing


If you’ve spent any time on Substack, you know that the general deal is more money = more access. Subscribers might get additional emails or the ability to interact with the community in the comments section or be invited to special events with the writer.

While I don’t begrudge anyone who is insisting on getting paid for their labor – I’m very pro that, actually – the have-money-get-more dynamic doesn’t work for me or my values.

In fact, my least favorite thing about coaching has long been that it’s an advantage afforded almost exclusively by already-advantaged people. It’s why I have several layers of pricing and invite new clients to tell me what would be the right level of investment for them.

Death + Stuff is about this, too, because my definition of a Life Well Lived includes offering the unique mirror that is coaching to as many people as possible.


If you choose a free subscription, cool! Welcome! Thank you for subscribing! I hope you’ll forward along any emails that move you to people you think will also be moved!

If you choose a paid subscription of whatever level, cool! Welcome! Thank you for subscribing! Your subscription moneys are going into a scholarship fund, the details of which I’m still nailing down but will look something like:

  • Scholarships will be awarded on a quarterly basis
  • Applications will be vetted by a team of at least three people who have a diversity of backgrounds
  • Scholarship winners will receive 6 coaching sessions to use over 3 months (unless some life thing says that just won’t work)
  • I’ll be charging the scholarship fund a lower rate than my “income stable” bracket: $125/session, a sort of matching program

My next steps are to finalize my application-vetting team and, with their help, get the application live before the end of May.

A final invite for you and all my friends in The Bigger Badder Crew: I had stickers made of the Death + Stuff logo, 3×3” rounds. If you’d like one, send me your address.

As I write this, Theresa is painting our cabinets to the sound of ragtime, the weather is perfect for keeping the front door propped open (much to the delight of the pups) and the first hummingbird of the season has made themself – and their desire for us to put up some freaking sugar-water already! – known.

I hope as you read this, you are also noticing a little more in the delights of mortality.

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