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Here’s where I share thoughts on the work of moving toward our biggest lives and baddest selves.

The Best Friends Don’t Sugar Coat

If gremlins are the “friends” who tell you that your face would be so pretty if only… then your wiser inner voices are the friends who say, “You should absolutely go for that job! Now, let’s practice your interview skills, polish your resume, and find you an empowering outfit.”

No Delete Buttons for History

There’s a fear that when a relationship ends, we’ll erase all that was good about it before – or that if we revisit our history with honesty, we’ll have release our pride in place and self. We, our relationships, and our world, are so much more complex than that.

Retroactively Obvious

So often, things seem so obvious after we see them – and yet without curiosity, we can’t see these retroactively obvious things, and without self-compassion, we can’t allow for the human imperfection of learning.

Expecting discomfort and making room for joy

Last year, I made a note to myself on today’s calendar date. It says, “Expect discomfort, make room for joy.” Today is my birthday. Before you go assuming that the expected discomfort is about the number of times I’ve spun around the sun – today marks 43 years since I...

My dog tried to break me last Tuesday

Right now, at this very moment, which is 6:54 am on Tuesday, April 27, 2021, our dog is laying in the hallway in front of my office, her bushy tail spilling through the doorway. She has been doing some combination of barking, whining and huffing for going on an hour...

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