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Here’s where I share thoughts on the work of moving toward our biggest lives and baddest selves.

A Play-Along Adventure in Writing

A little ridiculousness because writer’s block (or any other creative block) isn’t a lack of ability to write, it’s a lack of ability to tolerate that we fail to enliven our creative vision – sometimes lots – before we succeed.

Returning to a (Meditation) Habit

On May 31, 2013, I sat to meditate for the first time. I know the date because I had spent weeks in the run-up to sitting preparing to sit by reading a book of short essays on meditation, The Art of Just Sitting. I remember that because I ordered that book, along with...

A Year of Ingestion

I’m more about quality than quantity ingestion these days, especially when it comes to media. These were the most meaningful bits of my 2023 reading, listening, and watching.

All Up in It with Mike Childress on leading learning, business & grief with faith

Mike Childress is many things – a husband and father, a skilled businessperson behind several businesses, my dear friend, and so many more descriptors, all of which are guided in one leading focus: his Christian faith. That I am not a Christian has not only not prohibited our friendship; our differences are a big part of what has brought us together. More on that in this All Up in It conversation!

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