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Here’s where I share thoughts on the work of moving toward our biggest lives and baddest selves.

All Up in It with Kathryn Bennett, MPH

So often, people tell me they find networking to be an icky and unsettling prospect. There's something about equating it with insincerity and treating other humans as a means to an end. Kathryn Bennett is a perfect example to blow that out of the water. We were...

All Up in It with Diane Wyzga

Diane Wyzga has been awe-inspiring to me from the first time I laid eyes on her on LinkedIn during the early days of the pandemic. I mean, just check out some of the lives she's lived - she's been: a US Navy nurse corporate businesswoman speaker educator lawyer...

10 Years & Ever-Evolving

A decade of coaching is a little hard to wrap my head around… but the experience has grown my heart so much, that it easily groks the beauty and learning of these 10 years, and brings the excitement for what might come in the next 10!

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