I am honored to have such great clients.

Here are some really nice things they said about working with me.

“SB has given me a plethora of priceless gifts through my time in coaching with her. Through our work together, I have gained an incredible increase in self confidence as a business owner and entrepreneur. Through SB’s coaching, I have come to understand the value of my work and what I offer my clients. She has given me tools and skills to stand-up for myself, and to take charge of my business and my interactions with clients. The result of this has been an ever-increasing client base, a higher rate of pay, and improved relationships with clients and other key business partners. As someone who has often suffered from a great deal of anxiety surrounding my finances and my business, my work with SB has brought me an all new sense of peace and well-being that I have never experienced before. This new found confidence, peace, and overall sense of well-being has resulted in greater joy, fulfillment, and excitement in my work, and of course, ever-growing financial success!

Eva Morse

Reiki Master and Private Music Instructor

SB has the rare quality of understanding both your busy and driven mind and your craving for meaning and joy. She can engage with your busy and intellectual mind, challenge your inner critic and talk to your heart at the same time. If you feel that creativity and joy are deserting you, that life is plain, that your inner critic is eating you up, SB is your coach. I know very few people who are able to work with internal criticism as she does. Don’t let your best work die inside you.”

Natalia Alvarez

Owner & Lead Story Creator, The Story That Matters

“SB has been my guiding light as I embark on an entrepreneurial venture. She’s quick at assessing the questions and guiding the client to answers without over reaching. SB is funny, quick witted and SMART! She understands the business matters and also the persona behind the venture. Being able to reach out to SB with concerns or questions has been a lifesaver as I pursue new opportunities.

Susan Ostrowski

Expert & Consultant in Global Health Initiatives

“I had surrounded myself with type A people that constantly prioritized work and climbing the ladder professionally. It was clear it was time for me to make some serious changes. When I talked to SB, and when we met in person, she was so transparent and real. There was no facade. She had very practical advice and tools to help me take action and take control of my life. And she was very easy to talk to, and calming. And she seemed and appeared to be everything I was which was exactly what I needed at the time! Before I realized what was happening, we were digging into why I was doing what I was doing, why I felt stuck, and creating a plan of action for me to take back control.

Brynn Thabet

AVP Product Management, Pacific Life

“SB’s coaching gave me an opportunity to have someone from outside my business take a look inside; initially I thought her not being involved in my business would be a detriment but it was not. SB’s unique style has a way of getting to the heart of the matter. She was always prepared. She helped me to set week to week goals and this truly did help me manage my business. I would highly recommend her services.”

Lew Thompson

Insurance Agent

My decision to work with SB was based on a desire to bring customers into my world, and I thought that working towards a better understanding of myself and greater confidence in myself would help with that. SB was one of the very few people who seemed to understand the desire to raise customers to our level, not lower our personal standards to the comfort zone of our customers. It was apparent immediately upon meeting her that her professional goal is to raise everyone to their highest personal level.”

John Johnson

Owner, Crimpers Climbing Gym

SB is a shining light! We met when she led a workshop for budding entrepreneurs, and after participating in her workshop, I knew I was on the right path. She brings her all to her colleagues and clients, providing gentle encouragement. But you know that tough love is just under the surface if she needs to use it! SB accepts you as you are and helps you move to where you want to be. What more could you ask for?

Sacil Armstrong

Equity & Self-Care Coach

“Working with SB is a delight. She put me completely at ease and was adept at guiding me through the process of finding my own answers. I felt supported, encouraged and enlightened. I am now on the path towards making a difference in the lives of others by putting first things first, nurturing myself and finding time for both work and play without guilt.

Lisa Cruz

Interior Re-Designer

“Through our work together SB was quickly able to identify a few of my “root cause” issues. Wow, that was impressive! We were able to discuss various topics in more detail and, in doing so, were able to create specific actions I could take-away and practice. Well, I HAVE been diligent about practicing and using those tools and the benefits have been outstanding! I just returned from a week of business travel, including a conference, and because of SB’s help, the entire week was a huge success.

Kevin Strauss

CEO, Uchi, LLC

“With SB as your guide, folks from any career, or on any career path, will find a joyful, nurturing, and strongly encouraging coach. With tangible, tactical, and often fun exercises between sessions, she helps us work on a clearer way forward to our own happy places.”

Karen A. Chase

Author, Speaker, and Brand Designer

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Maybe you've never experienced a coaching collaboration before, maybe you're just curious about how I welcome folks into my coaching practice - either way, I made a wee brief video that walks you from first hello all the way into the mechanics of a coaching collaboration!


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Meet SB...

Known equally for her laughter and her cogent questions, SB is the business coach who takes a holistic view and the empowerment coach who brings the work down to earth. While her psychology degree from UNC-Greensboro and coach training from the Coach Training Alliance shaped her understanding of human behavior, her innate abilities to create cohesive pictures out of seemingly disparate parts and see people from the intersection of what is and what could be are what makes coaching with SB a particularly unique experience. From the brick ranch on a creek in Southwest Virginia that she shares with her wife, Theresa, and their pit bull pup, SB collaborates with those seeking their bigger selves and badder lives across the country and around the world.

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