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Do you have a brave space and a trusted guide for challenging internal work? Take a second to read about what makes SB the coach that inquisitive professionals, driven creatives, wholehearted entrepreneurs, and world changers of all sorts trust to partner in creating their biggest selves and baddest lives.


You don’t need to be fixed; you’re not broken. What you do need is a megaphone for your internal wisdom, a chisel to break away the old beliefs and habits that aren’t benefiting you anymore, and a walking stick to make the ascent of your learning curve easier on the knees. Coaching with SB is all of that and more.


While coaching can feel like strapping on a jetpack, SB’s intensives are the nitro in the fuel line. Learn about her signature program, You, The Foundations, and how identifying a few hidden-in-plain-sight core bits of info about yourself will super-charge not only your coaching collaboration but all your years to come.


From her own adventures with her Innerlings, especially her gremlins, to her observations about the messy complexity of being a human among humans, SB’s blog is the place where she shares how she walks her coaching talk, offering actionable ideas for creating bigger lives and badder selves along the way.

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Talk is cheap, and this time it’s free! We know a lot of people offer free consultations that are just long, painful sales presentations. That’s not what this is. Let’s just talk and test the fit, no strings attached.

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Maybe you've never experienced a coaching collaboration before, maybe you're just curious about how I welcome folks into my coaching practice - either way, I made a wee brief video that walks you from first hello all the way into the mechanics of a coaching collaboration!


We've created a community - your community - that is filled with people who value connection, are eager to grow, and who share a belief that a rising tide raises all ships. Join us for regular, free events that have become a source of inspiration!

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Meet SB...

Known equally for her laughter and her cogent questions, SB is the business coach who takes a holistic view and the empowerment coach who brings the work down to earth. While her psychology degree from UNC-Greensboro and coach training from the Coach Training Alliance shaped her understanding of human behavior, her innate abilities to create cohesive pictures out of seemingly disparate parts and see people from the intersection of what is and what could be are what makes coaching with SB a particularly unique experience. From the brick ranch on a creek in Southwest Virginia that she shares with her wife, Theresa, and their pit bull pup, SB collaborates with those seeking their bigger selves and badder lives across the country and around the world.

Here's the latest from the blog.

Rediscovering ritual

Ritual was something I found hollow during my early life. Now, I see how it helps us mark life’s richness with intention.

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