Just being together is enough sometimes

Second only to going through terrible times is feeling unskillful in being with people going through terrible times.

If you’d like to feel more skillful,
we made this gathering for you.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve sometimes backed away from comforting someone because I didn’t know what to say and I was afraid of making things worse.

I’ve also felt the loneliness of being backed away from.

It was these dynamics that led my mom, Dr. Cheryl Greenberg, and me to craft a free gathering that we’ll be hosting regularly to help us all feel more skillful in showing up for each other.

You’ll take away tips about how to:
  • Find the right words, and the right times for silence
  • Keep your foot out of your mouth
  • Practice self-care along the way
Other stuff to know going in:
  • This is our gift to you; no charge at all
  • We’ll be together for about 45 minutes
  • We won’t be recording; this is for those in the room. 
  • Yes, we’ll mention that we have coaching businesses. No, we won’t spend more time on it than that.

about your hosts, Dr. Cheryl Greenberg & SB Rawz

Dr. Cheryl Greenberg & SB Rawz

about Dr. Cheryl Greenberg

Dr. Greenberg works as a coach, or “guide,” for seniors (and their families, when appropriate) as they consider and plan for changes in their personal and work lives.

She has a doctorate in educational gerontology and memory changes in older adults. She has worked with adults of all ages, presenting workshops on healthy aging, memory improvement, and age-related dementias. She has provided support for families and individuals who are in transition, and has consulted for retirement and long term care communities.

Learn more about her and her work

about SB Rawz

SB Rawz (she/her) is a coach for deeply-rooted professionals; the curiosity and questions behind the web series/podcast All Up in It; a writer of all sorts of things from articles to zines to the occasional short story.

She’s spoken on a TEDx stage and in front of tech-minded teenagers (which was more terrifying/gratifying is up for debate). Most of all, she’s a whole human which is often a messy, delightful, silly, scary, playful, and local-food-filled endeavor – the way she humans, at least!

Learn more about her and her work

There are no human lives without pain, friends.

This pain can bring us together in our shared humanness,
or it can lead to the compounding pain of isolation.

Let’s sharpen our skills at caring for one another.

Let’s practice holding space.

None of us can do this life thing alone.

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