Diane Wyzga has been awe-inspiring to me from the first time I laid eyes on her on LinkedIn during the early days of the pandemic. I mean, just check out some of the lives she’s lived – she’s been:

  • a US Navy nurse
  • corporate businesswoman
  • speaker
  • educator
  • lawyer
  • litigation consultant

These days, she’s a podcaster and storytelling sherpa…

Or, that is, she’ll walk alongside you.

I hope you’ll take a half-hour to soak up some of the presence I’ve been so grateful to enjoy in recent years as she explores what she’s learning about the challenges of success.

Find show notes below!

Diane Wyzga…

…would sometimes rather be her cat (relatable!) For now, though, she shared insights on:


    • Listening for information, rather than feelings
    • Encouraging herself to speak up
    • The world is waiting to hear your unique story and voice
    • Her own journey of overcoming early messaging that she was making too much noise and the way gaining recovery of her own voice is her conduit to invite others to do the same
    • Her current learning is about the price of success – the ways her ever-growing podcast is taking away from her self-care/self-preservation habits and efforts
    • She’s reading Four Thousand Weeks and how it’s helping her reflect on how she’s spending her wild and precious life
    • I referenced Mary Oliver’s poem The Summer Day which led her to share the moments she takes to watch the birds enjoying the bird bath in defiance of the norms so many of us were taught
    • One of her most important tools is walking and this time of learning has taken her away from that practice, though she’s returning
    • Thich Nhat Hahn has long been a teacher for Diane and she described a teaching that she taps into each morning; we even touched on his recent transition and how his teachings keep him present despite the passing of his human body and the ideas of storytelling as a way to carry legacy
    • Diane opted to not spotlight a specific organization. Rather, she offered an invitation for viewers to figure out something that matters to you and find an organization (Whidbey Camino Land Trust is one where she shares of herself) where you could put volunteer time and/or money.

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