The Creative Transformation

A collaborative adventure in unleashing your unique and creative voice!

6 months
8 co-creators

1 you

(because, friend, there’s only one you)

to transform your relationship with creativity by way of transforming your relationship with:

your creative purpose

We’ll explore your underlying “why” for uncovering and exercising your creative voice – the deepest aspects of how creativity connects you more fully with yourself and how connecting with yourself allows you to connect more fully with others.

the outcome of creativity

Here, we’re backing away from perfectionism and/or any ideas that creativity has to lead to any particular outcome. Instead, we’ll practice focusing on process and all of the delight, fulfillment, and even surprises that can come from releasing attachment to creativity’s outcomes.

adulting & time

As adults, we often have a lot of shoulds about responsibility and time-management… the kinds of shoulds that tell us creativity is a waste of time or even irresponsible. During this part of our shared exploration, we’ll add a whole bunch of question marks to those shoulds and regroup around a much more expansive picture of adulting.

the voices yammering in your head (and, yeah, the ones coming from other humans, too)

The inner critic – the gremlins or Innerlings or itty bitty shitty committee, as you please – is no one’s best friend and everyone’s common companion. We’ll get a 20 on that naysayer and the skills to put it in its right place. We’ll also explore the way other humans can create and/or reinforce the naysayer so that you can gain the freedom to create.

Why, you ask?

Humans have been finding creative ways to explore and share their experiences for some 400,000 years. In recent centuries, though, we’ve decided that creative expression is only for the few…

…those deemed excellent or worthy…

And so we all lose.

We lose the means for sharing what can only be conveyed creatively.

The world loses the advantage of a wider diversity of perspectives.

The world loses your perspective.

How are you so sure I'm one of these creative humans you're talking about, Rawz?

Let me tell you a story, friend…

Once upon a time, creativity was unthinkingly integrated into your way of being in the world.

You made mud pies and turned rocks into action figures; you found shapes in clouds and created stories about them.

You sang songs you learned and songs you invented; you made car noises with your mouth.

You brought home pieces of construction paper bedazzled with dried pasta and cotton balls and globs of paint and took for granted that they were fridge-worthy.

And then you learned a story, a story with a very specific definition of “good.”

That story said that you had to meet this definition to continue creating and a nagging voice inside of you – perhaps bolstered by voices outside of you – said that creativity no longer belonged to you.

It belonged to the golden throated, like Brandi Carlisle.

It belonged to the artistically adroit, like Kehinde Wiley.

It belonged to the food savants, like José Andrés.

The story said: Creativity isn’t for you.

But that story wasn’t true.

It was an echo of the fear of those who came before you.
Those whose terror of judgment led them to beat others to the punch.
Those whose fear of starvation said to focus on more practical pursuits.
Those whose narrowness of vision said that it was time to put away “childish things.”

And so you – and so we – relinquished an essential aspect of our humanness, an integral form of connection with self and others that humans have been practicing for some 400,000 years.

We put creativity on the shelf with our blankies and Leggos and joyful abandon.

It’s time, friend, to bring it back out.

This isn’t some exercise in self-pleasure, either (though it certainly includes that!).

This is about claiming your unique voice…

…your unique perspective…

…your unique contribution to the world because there is only one of you.

It is time for you, friend, to make The Creative Transformation.

How do I know if this group is for me?

What a fantastic question!

As coaches are wont to do, I’ll answer that question with questions:

  • Do you feel a tingling or nagging sense that there is an essential aspect of self trapped inside of you?
  • Do you sometimes consider picking up a paintbrush, hammer and nails, or a microphone and then drop the idea in the midst of a feeling of foolishness or immaturity?
  • Do you have a vision for how the world could be a better place and just keep wishing for someone else to say or do the things in your dreams?

If any of those sparked something in you, The Creative Transformation was custom-made for you!

But but but…

I get you. I can feel a lot of doubt, too. How about some more info?

But I’m not an artist

Awesome! Neither am I! I’m all sorts of creative, though – and so are you. Creativity is inherent to human expression. “Artist” describes a person with a very specific relationship to creativity. The Creative Transformation is about the broadest possible definition of creativity, artistry in no way required.

Will we be taught to make things?

Nope. How you choose to experiment with your creative voice will be a topic we explore together but I will not be teaching anyone how to collage or paint or cook or grout tile – though all of those could be perfectly wonderful ways for you to explore!

What is a coaching group, anyway?

There’s variety, of course, but this coaching group will have no more than 8 participants all focused on the shared goal of more ease in creative expression. I will create and hold the structure, facilitate the conversation, and stir the pot – the rest comes from you and your co-creators!

What if I can’t make a meeting?

We will most certainly miss your unique creative voice in that gathering – and understand that sometimes life messes with a well-laid plan. Between our buddy system and me, we’ll make sure you stay apprised of the latest conversations and well on your way toward your creative transformation!

Okay, so what do I get for participating?

Included in this collaborative space are:

  • 6 monthly 90-minute gatherings to explore, share, and transform
  • A workbook packed with things I’ve been learning from over 10 years of coaching and 45 years of humaning
  • Buddies as in between-meeting partners for brainstorming, collaboration, and community

What you’ll take away:

  • An expanded definition of creativity
  • A deepened understanding of yourself and your relationship with creativity
  • Skills, habits, and tools to use from here on out!

The Investment Bits

The Financial Investment

$675 for the whole shebang, friend! (Unless, that is, you’re a Rawz Coaching alumni, in which case, I have a family discount for you – email me for the deets!)

That includes:

  • The 6 monthly gatherings
  • The workbook crafted by me and finished by you
  • The community support
  • The time to priotize you and your unique and creative voice
The Time Investment

At a minimum, you’re committing to 90 minutes for each of 6 months.

Ideally, you’ll also commit to some time between to explore the materials in the workbook, connect with others in the group (especially your buddy of the month), and perhaps dive into a creative project or experiment of your choosing!

Ultimately, though, you’ll shape the time commitment around your life.

The Energetic Investment

I don’t mean this in any sort of woo-woo way.

I truly mean that you have limited amounts of energy, as do we all, and committing to nurture your creative voice will require some energy…

…and it will provide some energy.

In fact, I’m willing to wager that the gain will outpace the expenditure with a quickness.

This timeframe doesn't work for you?

I get it. Timing is tricky in stuff like this.

If October 4th or Wednesdays or this time of day just doesn’t work for you, I’d love to know what would! I plan to launch more cohorts soon and would love to work around your schedule!

Give me a little feedback here – it’ll only take a few minutes.

Thank you! Wishing you creative fun and presence with yourself in the meantime!

Hello! I’m SB. Get In Touch Anytime!


More about me? Sure!

I’m a coach. (Oh my, do I love coaching!)
And a writer. (Always have I been dancing with words!)
I feel most at ease in a kitchen turning piles of beautiful, farm-fresh produce into meals.
I feel most inspired when I’m sitting with someone, chatting while we both make things for the sole purpose of making them…
…like collages and coloring pages and zines…
I make up songs about things happening in my life and endeavor to innovate new ways to sing Yellow Submarine.
Creativity isn’t a thing I do on the weekends; it’s the way I live my life.
I sure hope you’ll come play with me

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