Brynn Thabet of Pacific LifeOften times I just felt like I was having a conversation with a confidant. Before I realized what was happening, we were digging into why I was doing what I was doing, why I felt stuck and a plan of action for me to take back control. And just as important, [Sarah B] held me accountable. And as a type A person, this is one of the easiest ways to kick me in the butt, because I don’t like to fail.

Brynn Thabet
AVP - Product Management at Pacific Life

Crimpers Climbing GymSarah was one of the very few people who seemed to understand the desire to raise customers to our level, not lower our personal standards to the comfort zone of our customers. It was apparent immediately upon meeting her that her professional goal is to raise everyone to their highest personal level.

John Johnson
Lead Hoss at Crimper's Climbing Gym

Habitat for Humanity of the NRVSarah B is able to quickly establish trust and confidence. Her method helped me to be able to look at the things I was allowing to hold me back; she also taught me to forgive myself for my shortcomings, and learn how to empower myself. And she did all of that while making me laugh, constantly. The transformation I experienced during and after working with her is that I had confidence tackling problems that had plagued me for years. I was able to remain calm in the midst of chaos and access my strength.

Kim S
General Manager of the NRV Habitat for Humanity ReStore

Eva Morse[Sarah B] is wonderfully gifted in her work, and has been an invaluable asset for me both on my personal path, and of course, in my career. She has given me endless support, insight, and resources that have helped me in so many ways! She is so fun, fabulous, and inspiring, you will love her!

Eva Morse
Reiki Master/Musician

Over the 6 months [of working with Sarah B], I have become more aware of my reactions to situations that arise and I am more aware of what choices are available to me. I feel more at ease more of the time and I feel more powerful. I am better able to see when I'm pushing and can decide whether to keep pushing or to step back and allow things to unfold.

Beth C
Entrepreneur/Massage Therapist