The Paradox of Slowing Down to Speed Up (or what Sarah B calls the Push <---> Allow Spectrum)

Kicking Fear in the Pants to Find Your Authentic Voice

Networking for People Who Think Networking Is Icky and Insincere


These are just some of the engaging and instructive topics Sarah B has delivered to everyone from women leaders to budding entrepreneurs, writers and artists to a whole doggone conference room of engineers.

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Want a sample of Sarah B's approach? Give a listen to the episode of Roanoke Advice Givers in which she was interviewed by Hal Cone. (It's her final performance as Sarah Beth Jones!)

Sarah B Rawz on Roanoke Advice Givers

Or take a little step back in time to check out her TEDx talk from 2013, just months before she transformed her business and her life by becoming a coach! Though her take on business has evolved a bit since this was recorded, it's still a favorite for reasons you'll find at minute 4:30. There, you'll see the pause that shifted her path dramatically, jarringly, and wonderfully.