This was at the James River Writers in Richmond, VA, a packed and engaged crowd of all sorts of talent!
It's time to get your people engaged at...


I've sat at conference tables talking with three dedicated coworkers and stood on stage in front of packed auditoriums. While the details of delivering a talk shift a little with the size of the room, the outcomes that I strive for remains the same:

  • That participants spend the time feeling engaged and included
  • That participants walk away with something to mull over and something to do
  • That they're feeling a surge of motivation to take powerful steps toward good stuff


Your talk that day in Bracey was a gift to me.
I've pondered many of the points you've made, and I
that I would travel to hear you speak again.

- Robin Allen | founder of Birdie's Pimento Cheese

Some of the talks I love to give are:

  • Listening Your Way Up
  • Kicking Fear in the Pants to Create Your Authentic Voice
  • The Paradox of Slowing Down to Speed Up
  • Networking for People Who Think Networking is Icky and Insincere

Call me about leading your business group, professional club, or teen association in some uplifting, actionable goodness!

Conferences? You bet.

Half- or full-day workshops? Oh, yeah!




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