Hello! I'm Sarah B Rawz.

You can call me SB, Sarah B, or Rawz.


Coaching makes my eyes sparkle. It’s true.

A client – a fella whose eye-sparkle had been sapped by over-identification with his work - once asked me, “How could you coach me when your work is clearly more than just work to you?”

So how could I, a person who feels born to her work, who feels her work as a significant chunk of the energy that animates her, coach him to disconnect that bit of identity?

That’s the magic of coaching, that I neither have nor need to have the right path for anyone else. What I have, in abundance, is the ability to move people toward their own answers. His answer was to courageously challenge his work-focused identity and regroup around the people and activities that truly light him from inside.

That's what I offer. That and:

  • An innate ability to create safe spaces for challenging internal work – work that I have done and continue to do myself – and a talent for showing people more of their own wholeness, potential, and wisdom.
  • The experience to facilitate even bigger professional and life change than you might be ready to imagine.
  • More than enough perspective and openness to meet you exactly where you are, however uncomfortable or messy you might be feeling these days.
  • A great big, boisterous, easily-loosed laugh. And laughter? Laughter fits in everywhere.

Who have I coached?

  • Founders, freelancers, and determined professionals
  • Coaches, counselors, and social workers
  • People across the range of sexual, gender, and ethnic identities
  • World changers

What do I love?

  • That moment when people recognize their own wisdom, courage, and capability.
  • The perpetual cycle of learning and sharing that is coaching.
  • Locally-raised, thoughtfully-prepared food - including cooking. It can't all be coaching!
but maybe

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Sarah B. She cleans up alright, huh?



A bachelors in psychology from



on topics including the MBTI, building confidence, appreciative inquiry, manager as coach, meditation and mindfulness, somatic techniques, body positivity, and marketing.



of one-on-one coaching under my belt as of July 2020.



...before finding the fulfillment I was seeking in coaching.



in was where I completely forgot my script during my 2013 TEDx Talk. It was the most valuable brain glitch I've ever had.



between hiring my 1st coach & starting with my 1st client. I had given myself 6 months.



since I made the best professional decision of my life - to become a coach. I'm grateful every. single. day.



have coached me - so far! That's how much I love, and believe in the power of, coaching.

Before I realized what was happening, we were digging into why I was doing what I was doing, why I felt stuck, and creating a plan of action for me to take back control.

– Brynn Thabet | AVP – Product Management at Pacific Life

Sarah has been my guiding light as I embark on an entrepreneurial venture. She’s quick at assessing the questions and guiding the client to answers without over reaching. Sarah is funny, quick witted and SMART! She understands the business matters and also the persona behind the venture.

– Susan Ostrowski | Freelance Consultant

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