The first thing I learned about coach & leader Jordan Mercedes is that her heart is huge and ever-growing. In this All Up in It conversation, she shares how she’s in the midst of exploring what her life looks like when she switches from courage as the leader of her decisions to courage as the supporter of ease.

Hear more about what Jordan is all up in in the conversation below!

Some key moments in our conversation:

  • What really drives her work is her heart-connected place, her core to another’s core. She’s a deep well.
  • While resilience, courage and push-through are the kinds of words that have guided past years for Jordan, this year she is choosing to focus on the word and idea of intentional ease, following the question, “What does ease look like for me in this situation?” It’s also helping her decide what projects to say yes to and what to prune.
  • The challenge of this focus is how much energy she’s put into training herself to do hard things historically. She’s very much seeing it as an experiment without feeling like she has to stick with it forever; it’s a hypothesis she’s testing and she’ll adjust as she gathers the data.
  • Part of the question of ease relates to mutuality or reciprocity
  • She’s feeling this experiment with ease is an unfolding of something that was wanting to come out of her and she’s now giving attention and intention.
  • While she loves bravery, she wants it to line up behind ease, in part due to having let bravery push her deep into discomfort so often in the past
  • Jordan has invited you, the viewer, to define what ease means to you.
  • Ease gives us permission to own parts of ourselves that are already there.
  • Sometimes, we don’t feel like we fit in because we haven’t found our inner place of ease.
  • A few thoughts about our mutually-transformative 2020 conversation about our different perspectives of discomfort
  • Where are you choosing the ease in this situation? Am I going to choose the stress or the ease?
  • Jordan chose to highlight Ten by Three, an organization that works to reduce poverty by creating pathways to fair wages to artisans:

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