Mike Angelillo is many things – a dad, husband, and community gatherer; a bicyclist (of the knobby-tire versions), ancient lit enthusiast, and kaiju aficionado; a caring professional and one hell of a friend.

Mike, no doubt, has been so successful in his career in pharmaceutical sales and leadership because he’s so uniquely himself. Banish any stereotypes you have about pharma reps and replace them with visions of any of the most whole-hearted, fun-loving, authentic, transparent, curious, value-driven people you know.

You’re getting close to Mike now.

For more, check out our conversation & my show highlights below!

Some key moments in our conversation:

  • Mike describes himself as a seeker, eternal optimist, and by his social connections to family and friends
  • What he’s currently all up in is shifting his focus toward the structures and habits to create his life well-lived rather than focusing on goals.
  • He says goals are good for direction but they’re ultimately limited in utility. For example, he doesn’t have to have a spiritual goal in order to create a meaningful spiritual habit
  • While goals and accomplishment offer a fleeting feel-good, he’s focused on integrating success into his way of living
  • His tools include understanding his why – he has a great example related to the zombie apocalypse to explain what he means. (Amazingly, he’s able to tie it into a reflection about MLK’s why!)
  • Another tool is simplifying his environment to ease the way to his new habits, rather than relying on will power
  • A final tool he describes is humility because there’s always more to learn about himself and his biases
  • Mike also offers a perspective on how to navigate divergent political view
  • Finally, Mike spotlighted the non-profit Rails-to-Trails; he and I have enjoyed many a meandering mile on one particular Rails-to-Trails greenway!

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