Where I Find Stuff

For ease of access:

Books: and a hard rain fell and Vietnam Reconsidered by John Ketwig
Newsletters: The Story Matters, Seth Godin, Notes from the Universe, Austin Kleon, The North Star, StoryCorps,  and On Being.
Podcasts: The Break Down, Revisionist History, Code Switch, This American Life, RadioLab, TED Radio Hour, Tara Brach, and On Being.
Bonuses: Wikipedia random feature, Heavyweight podcast (including the Jesse episode)
Neglected to mention: Vate Communication Training blog, Gretchen Rubin and The Tricycle Community newsletters, and the fact that John Ketwig and I met through networking! He attended one of my talks at the Roanoke Regional Writers Conference and introduced himself afterwards; over the years, we’ve stayed in touch and continued to grow what I think we both consider to be a mighty lovely friendship.