I contacted Sarah earlier this year after her post on internal gremlins. I’d been struggling with an internal gremlin I just couldn’t make sense of and when I saw her blog, I knew she’d know how to help me. Our sessions together progressed through layers of deep exploration that eventually led to embracing my gremlin and learning its’ purpose. We even named it! The most important part of our work resulted in a greater comprehension and appreciation that I have a ball of windy chaos that surrounds me. She assisted in recognizing and teaching me tools to help me take ‘baby steps’ in managing the intensity of the wind (and the gremlin) while remaining clear in my intentions and purpose. The gremlin will always be there as its part of who I am. However, without Sarah, I would still be in the wind of chaos confused, powerless and with a gremlin raging out of control. This is true coaching and transformation. I am so happy I listened to my gut and asked Sarah to help me.