Having Sarah Rawz as a career coach was a wonderful experience. She accompanied me for six months as I made the significant transition from fulltime employment to sole entrepreneurship, my first time in thirty career years without a regular paycheck. After uninspiring past experiences with the occasional coach and mentor, I did not expect much… From our first conversation, however, Sarah was different and made a significant difference.

Sarah had a direct and unassuming approach, which gave me the confidence to speak freely. She had a gentle and caring manner, which allowed the conversation to unfold naturally and feel unpressured. When I asked for feedback on my own work product, she would more readily seek my views and react to them than delve into her own judgments. I saw that Sarah’s more open approach kept the focus on my ambitions and intentions, rather than layer on her personal expectations.

I highly recommend Sarah as a transition-companion, which she was par excellence for me!

Andrea Stumpf
Partnership Advisor