The (Optional) Snap of the Band


You might imagine a rubber band.
You might imagine a rubber band with two lines on opposite points of it circumference.
You might imagine one line represents a feeling of discomfort: Anger, fear, or helplessness, for example.
You might imagine that line pressed against the pad of one of your thumbs.
You might imagine the other line represents your relationship with that feeling of discomfort; that line is pinched between the thumb and forefinger of your other hand.
You might imagine pulling away from that discomfort, the rubber band becoming taut between your two hands.
What happens to taut rubber bands?

Now, imagine allowing your hands to inch back toward each other.
The threat of pain – of facing the anger or fear or helplessness – that’s still there. That’s for keeps.
But the snap?

That’s optional.

In my coaching space, we move toward the discomfort together with courage, curiosity, and even a good bit of fun. In The Bigger Badder Crew, we build bigger, badder community. Both are open to you.