My Weekly Tasks Tool

I have been refining my way of scheduling myself for years now and I’ll continue to. Each time my priorities, responsibilities, and focus shift, it’s time for me to ask myself: Is this way of doing things still serving me or is there a tweak – or big shift – to make?

In fact, each time I print out a set of my weekly task trackers (I tend to print 6-8 weeks at a time), I’m likely to tweak a little something here or there; most recently, I added my 3 Words for the year and some more specific weekly goals around movement.

So, I share this version from last year with you (which I use along with my Passion Planner for tracking my meetings and other time-dependent things) in the hopes that you find some inspiration there that will lead you to make or refine your way of putting as much of your awesomeness as possible into the world. After all, your unique brand of awesomeness is exactly what we need!

Download my Weekly Task Tracker


If you want an editable version and you use that way-back Microsoft program Publisher, send me an email and I’ll get it right to you!