How it Feels to Be Aged Me*

I’ve thought a fair amount about what it means to be “middle aged” in the last couple of years; my 40th birthday was just over a year and a half … Read More

About Sarah B

Hello! I’m Sarah B Rawz. You can call me SB, Sarah B, or Rawz, if you’d like.   Occasionally, people ask me questions or make statements that suggest they imagine … Read More

An Ordinary No?

  Two words keep repeating in my mind since I heard them in a podcast a number of weeks ago: Ordinary no. The podcast is The Secret Live of Black … Read More

The Wisdom, the Flex, and the Food

Yesterday, Theresa and I spent a handful of hours cooking together. She prepped salad fixings and veggies to dip in hummus; I roasted off some other veggies, made the hummus, … Read More

Schedule like Gumby

Most weeks, I talk with people who are drunk on the flexibility of self-employment. It’s a type of intoxication that I know well; hell, it’s an intoxication I shaped my … Read More

My Weekly Tasks Tool

I have been refining my way of scheduling myself for years now and I’ll continue to. Each time my priorities, responsibilities, and focus shift, it’s time for me to ask … Read More

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