Your Psyche is Made of Velcro

  In her memoir Why Religion? Elaine Pagels described noticing that she’s attracted to a female friend. A little background on her: Raised by atheist parents, she chose Christianity as … Read More

Prison Abolition for This Guy?

Twenty-four years later and it’s still a touch surreal to me to think that I was nearly murdered at 18. I’m not sure there are other words for it: My … Read More

Unlearning My Way Forward

  A handful of years ago, I asked my mom to recount for me a bit of family lore. It was the kind of story that infuses most families, so … Read More

My Formula for Joy

  I share Shinzen Young’s equation for suffering – Pain x Resistance = Suffering – several times each week. That’s how powerful I find it: its presupposition of pain; its … Read More

Coaching Into the Discomfort

For the sake of marketing, I’m supposed to tell you that coaching with me will relieve the discomfort you’re feeling… …about shifting your career or developing your life or understanding … Read More

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