Am I outraged or am I just sleepy?

Some years ago, a study was done that followed around 5,000 parole hearings. The researchers were curious to discover trends in decisions to grant parole or not. They did, indeed, … Read More

Facilitated Mastermind Groups

Ready to find your people? The ones who will help you build your biggest, baddest life and career? It’s hard to find folks who really get us. I sometimes feel … Read More

I Get Fat in Greensboro

This past weekend, Theresa and I visited my family and I noticed something that I’ve only cued into consciously in the last few years: I get fat when I visit … Read More

How to Survive a (Gremlin) Rip Tide

Rip tides. Though there’s some debate about how to best extract yourself from the pull of these currents that whisk swimmers away from shore, the generally agreed-upon method is to … Read More

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