I contacted Sarah earlier this year after her post on internal gremlins. I’d been struggling with an internal gremlin I just couldn’t make sense of and when I saw her … Read More

3 Untrue Things

Untrue things we, as a society, like to believe: Fairness exists, including reward for merit and punishment for misdeed. With enough work, we can banish all of our negative feelings … Read More

Finding Relief in Responsibility

I’m working on a theory and I’d like to hear your thoughts. My theory: The stickiest, ickiest memories linger because we haven’t resolved our own responsibility (or perceived responsibility) in … Read More

I’m Self-Involved

I’m actually a little sheepish to share this one which, I guess, is a sure sign that I’d best go forth. Last week, Theresa and I attended a community event … Read More

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