I Gave Myself Permission to Bomb

I have a somewhat unusual comfort with public speaking. I once walked into a conference with almost no understanding of what the organizers wanted me to do and hopped on … Read More

Listening for the Good Stuff

It is rare that a working day goes by when the topic of networking doesn’t come up. As one client recently quoted back to me, “Opportunity comes in the shape … Read More

Your Growth is Off-putting, Pal

A recent coaching conversation accessed an old memory and floated it to the surface of my mind. It was of a long-ago friend, someone I met at work during what … Read More

Am I outraged or am I just sleepy?

Some years ago, a study was done that followed around 5,000 parole hearings. The researchers were curious to discover trends in decisions to grant parole or not. They did, indeed, … Read More

Facilitated Mastermind Groups

Ready to find your people? The ones who will help you build your biggest, baddest life and career? It’s hard to find folks who really get us. I sometimes feel … Read More

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