Keep Going Conversations

In 2003, I worked my final full-time, employed, working-in-an-office-for-someone-else job. In the years since, I’ve earned my keep through a blend of businesses (four different businesses before I discovered my professional dream boat, coaching), and part-time or short-term jobs and contracts. I was one of the people living the gig economy before we had the phrase “gig economy.”

Over the years, I’ve been able to use this experience in my coaching as I’ve supported people transitioning into self-employment or active retirement. Now, most people lucky enough to continue to be employed are facing these same challenges that I’ve lived and coached for all of these years, namely:

  • How to create and build relationships from a far? (That is, what does networking look like without physical proximity?)
  • How to be productive when working from home?

And now there’s a new one: Given that we humans experience time in only one direction, there’s no “going back to normal” but rather co-creating what our society, including our business community, will look like in a post-Covid-19 world. What hopes and fears and possibilities might we take from this time? How might we focus on responding rather than reacting?

From now until June 10 (at least; I may well stretch this longer depending on how the virus moves and our behaviors respond), I’ll be creating gathering spaces each week to talk about these three topics. They’re free to attend, a small way for me to use the skills and resources I have to support our global perseverance and recovery.

Send your questions and concerns ahead of time and I’ll pre-game a direction to our calls; show up and share your wisdom and insights. I’ve long held to the idea that a rising tide raises all ships, and now is a perfect time to work together to lift the surf. These half-hour gatherings are one way to get the water of community, collaboration, and inspiration flowing.

I’ll create an archive of recordings of these discussions for members of The Bigger Badder Crew. You can join the crew (and gain access to our free-form weekly community gathering, Chomp & Chat, as well as all sorts of bonus resources) here.


#WFH Productivity

To experience satisfying days when working from home, we each need to first create a bamboo structure, strong enough to hold all that we need to get done and flexible enough to meet the unique situation that is life during Covid-19.

Join the discussion each Monday, 12-12:30 ET.


Networking/Relationship Building

Even in a pre-Covid world, networking could feel daunting to many. The learning curve now feels a little steeper thanks to our shift to virtual living. I'm here to tell you: You've already got the skills you need. Let's talk about how to use them.

Join the discussion each Thursday, 1-1:30 ET.


The Pivot: Co-Creating What Comes Next

A "new normal" has long been used to describe the experience of creating a new kind of life after a loved one dies. In this case, we're creating a new kind of society, a new kind of business community. Let's discover - and create - it together.

Join the discussion each Friday, 11-11:30 ET.


The Breathing Space

Maybe what you're looking for is a little more centering, a little more grounding, a little more visceral. Over on The Breathing Space calendar, you can find an array of meditations, gatherings, and movement from gentle to dance party created by a collaboration of coaches, teachers, and other facilitators.

Explore The Breathing Space calendar.