Ready to find your people?
The ones who will help you build your biggest, baddest life and career?

It’s hard to find folks who really get us. I sometimes feel like I’ve spent a good bit of my life looking for those people who will appreciate my unique perspectives and approach to life. People to help me grow my business – to hold me accountable but compassionately, to give me feedback that I value, to help me clarify my perspective – have been even more elusive.

While it took me years to happen upon the amazing folks who are now my mastermind partners, I want to shortcut the process for you. I’ve already done it once; I found eight people with compatible personalities and approaches, brought them together for a web-based video meet-and-greet, and then created a facilitated mastermind group for the handful of the eight who wanted to fly forward together.

I want to do that for you, too. I want to curate a group of your people, folks ready to join with you in intentional community intent on lifting each other up through meaningful discussions and feedback.

What exactly is a facilitated mastermind group?

I provide the space, organization, and resources for connecting both during and between our twice-monthly meetings. I add coaching where appropriate. And you would each have specific time to bring your own issues, concerns, and opportunities to brainstorm with the group. You would, in turn, provide your own questions, insights, and experiences to aid the others along their paths.

It’s a sum that has more clarity than its parts. It’s a place to:

  • be inspired
  • get great ideas
  • find solutions to your obstacles
  • be held accountable
  • gain clarity

It’s your community, waiting to be a part of your success.

How to get involved

First, I need to learn a little about you in order to find your people, the ones whose personalities and/or current learning curve has enough overlap with yours to create a meaningful space of mutual support and individual growth.

Fill out this handy dandy questionnaire and I’ll be in touch in no time flat to schedule a time to clarify my understanding of what you’re looking for and let you know where I am in finding your people!

Onward to the Questionnaire!

Your people are waiting for you and they care about your success almost as much as you do. How great is that?!