a coaching group for professionals radically redefining their careers

Maybe your professional story goes a little something like this:

You got out of school (whether high school, college, or beyond) and you got a job. There, you ferreted out the cultural norms and the details of the job expectations, the ones that went beyond the job description. You shaped your days to meet their expectations and you did well. You did good work. You moved up. You made good money.

And when you got home, you had some sense – maybe subtly, maybe profoundly – of unzipping a costume, stepping out of it, and getting a few hours of being more fully yourself.

Now, you’re ready to leave the world where you have thrived professionally for a world in which your professional successes contribute more fully to thriving as a whole person.

Is this even possible?

What does success look like in this new realm?

Who are you now?

It is for you and those few like you for whom Coach Sarah B Rawz creating Success2: A Coaching Group for Professionals Radically Redefining their Careers. Here, you will join a supportive, like-minded cohort in:

  • Redefining success to match your needs and ethics
  • Creating structure, strategies, and routines that lead to your newly-defined success
  • Developing a support system to see you through the dips and doubts of revolutionary change

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You’re a detail person, logical, cautious. You need more information including:

How long will the group last?

Six months.

What will happen in meetings?

The top priority in every meeting (to be held via Zoom videoconferencing to accommodate the broad geographic distribution of the cohort) will be addressing the current challenges and concerns of the members. Secondarily, will be any discussion of that week’s topic.

Topics? What kind of topics?

Sarah B will create videos addressing topics critical to creating this new professional life including:

  • Networking with authenticity and purpose
  • Productivity habits in which you give your best, not your all
  • Listening inwardly to access subconscious wisdom
  • The interplay between vulnerability and discernment
  • Putting the naysaying inner voices in their place
  • Acknowledging and leaning into the web of interconnectivity in which we all live

How will this content be delivered?

This group will be using Zoom to connect for video-based meetings and will have an online forum in which to continue the conversation and develop accountability partnership and relationship building.

Alright, let’s get to the money bit.

For this inaugural session of Success2, the six month commitment is $1170 or $195/month. Members will receive priority and preferential pricing thereafter.

When does this thing get started?

The fit of the cohort members is of the utmost importance which is why Sarah B has created an application process. Once four to six qualified members are identified, she will work with all members to find a time what works well for everyone.

So, what would keep me from just putting together my own group of colleagues and friends?

Technically, not a thing in the world. Self-led mastermind groups can be great. What Sarah B brings to the mix, though, is:

  • 15 years of experience in creating, building and running businesses
  • Broad perspective from having worked with hundreds of start-ups, business owners, and professionals
  • A lifetime of being a weirdo creating her own norms while successfully navigating the professional world.

In her coaching role, she brings questions and reflections that will help you delve more deeply into your own wisdom, resources, and confidence. As a client once said of Sarah B, “It was apparent immediately upon meeting her that her professional goal is to raise everyone to their highest personal level.”

Got more questions? Send ’em to Sarah B here.


Otherwise, let’s stop dodging the life that’s calling to you, the one of deeper fulfillment and greater coherence.

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