And this is your pal Sarah B Rawz, rappelling her height-averse self off an 11-story building for Big Brothers Big SistersIt's time to grab up two fists-full of courage...


They tell me that if I'm going to coach driven professionals, I have to have metrics for you. They tell me I have to conform to corporate norms. They imply that you're so out of touch with yourself and your feelings that you need a spreadsheet to tell you when you're feeling fulfilled with your life and work.

I'm here to tell you: I trust you more than that.

You know when you feel good and you know when you're ready to drop your laptop on your foot to distract you from the pain of having done everything you should do only to find yourself feeling unfulfilled, maybe even unhappy. My guess is that laptop is looking more and more appealing by the day.

If you want metrics, if you want quantifiable assessments and robust spreadsheets, there are a world of coaches out there with a cloud drive full of them waiting for you.

But if you want to wake up feeling more alive and excited about the day, if you want more moments of finding yourself spontaneously dancing in the kitchen and singing in the car, if you want to lay down each night thinking, "Hell yes - more of that!" give me a shout.

They tell me you won't invest in yourself without data.

I believe your gut has all the data it needs.

What your gut needs now is action.

One-on-one coaching? That's the juicy intensity there.
Group coaching for your team? Way to invest in your business!
Coaching groups? I've got 'em for you.

The first step is the same: Give me a shout.


It was apparent immediately upon meeting [Sarah B] that her
professional goal is to raise everyone to their highest personal level.

- John Johnson | Lead Hoss of Crimpers Climbing Gym

Her method helped me to be able to look at the things I was allowing to hold me back; she also taught me to forgive myself for my shortcomings, and learn how to empower myself. And she did all of that while making me laugh, constantly.

- Kim S | General Manager of Habitat for Humanity ReStore



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Go ahead - take the trust fall. You've got all the courage you need.


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