For the sake of marketing, I’m supposed to tell you that coaching with me will relieve the discomfort you’re feeling…

…about shifting your career or developing your life or understanding yourself or whatever’s making you squirm a bit these days.
And, yeah, it’s true, people who work with me do, indeed, feel a relief from discomfort.

But that’s not really my superpower.

See, relieving discomfort is like that part of a long, strenuous hike when you finally get back to your car, and you sit on the tailgate or hatch or whatever, and you pull off your hiking boots and your sweaty socks and pour some cool water over your feet and wiggle your toes. And it feels good. Oh, it feels so very good.

The powerful part of coaching with me, though, happens earlier on the trail, when you’re hoping the summit is over the next ridge but you’re fearing that you’re still creeping up to the halfway point. You start asking hikers coming down the mountain (trying, of course, to sound casual and amused), “Much farther to go?”

And then you try to discern whether their laughter was of the ironic, we’re-laughing-together-about-how-far-there-is-left-to-go variety, or the oh-wow-are-you-in-for-a-treat-of-a-view-really-soon variety.

Here’s where I come in, and where the metaphor breaks down because you can always turn around on a hike. You can decide it’s too far for you, too much of a stretch, too painful. You can sit down on the trail and have a snack before moving on.  I certainly have.

But life flows in just one direction and at one pace: Forward and ever faster.

And that leaves us with two options as we keep putting one increasingly-heavy boot in front of the other: Loathe and resist every step, or find the juicy goodness in the discomfort.

That’s my coaching superpower: Not magically whisking you out of the discomfort but helping you find the juicy goodness in it, the lessons and perspectives and self-awareness that make the discomfort worth it. I can even point you toward the fun hidden in discomfort’s nooks and crannies.

When you coach with me, we turn discomfort into your workshop and your playground. We find the meaning and value in discomfort. We angle discomfort just so and suddenly, you see your bigger self and badder life with a clarity you didn’t expect.

There’s often cussing, my friend, and sometimes tears. And there is always, always room for laughter. So much big, soulful, real, deep laughter.

You’ve got the courage; I know the path. Let’s go.

The next step on the path: Reach out to me.

If you weren't ready to step more fully toward your biggest self and baddest life, you wouldn't be reading this. Let's get this collaboration working for you.

It was apparent immediately upon meeting [Sarah B] that her
professional goal is to raise everyone to their highest personal level.

- John Johnson | Lead Hoss of Crimpers Climbing Gym

Her method helped me to be able to look at the things I was allowing to hold me back;
she also taught me to forgive myself for my shortcomings, and learn how to empower myself.
And she did all of that while making me laugh, constantly.

- Kim S | General Manager of Habitat for Humanity ReStore