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A free-form conversation with your growth community, The Bigger Badder Crew (that is, only folks who subscribe to my newsletter and anyone you invite!)

And when I say free-form, I mean free-form. Conversations have included collective brainstorming on how to address the racist remarks of one Bigger Badder Crew member's family; the nature of haircuts in quarantine, tattoo previews, working with discomfort, and, of course, favorite books, movies, meals, podcasts and more. It's truly whatever that day's chatters choose!



Every Wednesday from 12 noon to 12:30ish Eastern



What do you mean, “How much?” Creating this space is my gift to you; getting the time with you is your gift to me!

A smattering of gatherings

And now for all the info you need to join in…

Click here to find the meeting.

Then use the password big&bad (that's you) to join. While the meeting starts at 12 noon Eastern, there's often chatting (and sometimes chomping) going on a bit earlier.

If you absolutely must join by phone, we'll be sad to not see your lovely face but will take your presence over perfection.

To do so, first use this link to find your local number.

Then join using meeting ID 492 463 0671 and passcode 6684571.

Or just add it to your calendar:

Got questions? I (probably) got answers.

Email me and we’ll both find out!