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Some traits and skills are innate, we're born with them, like being able to tough the tip of our nose with our tongue. Others are earned through diligence and practice, like playing the didgeridoo. (Seriously, the lung power that must take!) Sometimes, the innate is bolstered by diligence and practice, like with coaching and Sarah B Rawz.

It was with no little confusion that, as a teenager, Sarah B noticed that some people responded to her as though she was surrounded by a mirror in which they saw the most appealing reflection of themselves they'd ever encountered. You can imagine that it was a might off-putting to a shy 16-year-old.

Before I realized what was happening, we were digging
into why I was doing what I was doing, why I felt stuck, and
creating a plan of action for me to take back control.

- Brynn Thabet | AVP - Product Management at Pacific Life

It would be nearly 20 more years, during which she worked through her own process of personal development, before she came to recognize the value of this innate trait in helping people find the path to their biggest life and baddest businesses.

With her coach training (the first bit, at least; the training will go on indefinitely), Sarah B found the blend of helping and entrepreneurship that she had been seeking through five businesses over 15 years. Now, she holds that mirror up with intention, reflecting back strength, possibility, and obstacles for people with the courage, drive, and wholeheartedness to make the most of their unique long/short lives.



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