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I am a weirdo.

I say that with nothing but self love. Finally.

You might be thinking to yourself, "This is not who I was expecting when I went searching for someone to be a partner in getting my life and career sorted out."

In fact, that's exactly what one client said five months before she wrapped up coaching with me having:

  • Landed a new job that utilized her favorite skills and put her on a team with people who valued her
  • Made regular time for the gym and other self-care practices
  • Created a schedule that allowed her to attend most of her kid's games and spend most evenings at home with her husband

It's that I'm a weirdo - a weirdo who is absolutely passionate about coaching - that made me the right partner for her. It's that I'm a weirdo that might just make me the right partner for you.

Let me guess: You are diligent. You are hard-working. You have done all the things you were supposed to do for as long as you can remember: High school and the college-application-worthy extracurriculars; college and the Greek societies and other clubs; working your way up in your field; the family, house, cars, vacations.

That's not to say you've been a perfect angel at all times, but rather to say that for the important stuff, you've done what your parents, mentors, and bosses said you needed to do to get ahead, to build a good life.

Only now, now you're not feeling it. You have a sense of lacking that nags at you. And you're not sure where to turn because you're surrounded by others like you, doing all the things you've so diligently done.

See how a weirdo can be just the thing sometimes?

I get your drive; I have it, too. It's what got me through the challenges of starting and running five different businesses.

I get your need for a deeper fulfillment; I need that, too. It's why I kept trying new businesses, seeking the professional fulfillment I finally found in coaching.

I also have a fresh perspective to share with you, a view of your next steps and the future to which they'll take you.

I have the tools that will let you understand yourself more fully, plan your life more thoughtfully, and execute that plan more effectively.

And I have the presence and compassion to not just get you through the discomfort of growth and change, but to do so while laughing a hell of a lot along the way.

That's me: weirdo for life, coaching for love.

Before I realized what was happening, we were digging
into why I was doing what I was doing, why I felt stuck, and
creating a plan of action for me to take back control.

- Brynn Thabet | AVP - Product Management at Pacific Life




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