I think three stories from my childhood illustrate pretty well how I came to be the proud weirdo of a coach you see before you today.

  1. When I was a wee little thing, I gathered up all the greeting cards my mom had stashed in a table at the bottom of the stairs and sold them door-to-door in our neighborhood. I recall being pleased and surprised at how well received I was. It was years later before I realized I had sold them for pennies on the dollar. (Thanks, mom!)
  2. A handful of years older, and I begged my mom to get me a gig as a literacy volunteer. I've always loved to read and thought it was terribly sad some people couldn't. I thought: I have to do something about this! Sadly, it was a no-go under 18. (At 30, I finally trained to be a literacy volunteer! And then I was asked to tutor beginner computer skills instead... despite it not being quite the volunteering of my dreams, I did meet some pretty cool people as they had their first experiences with computers.)
  3. My teen years... well, let's just say my mom knew me well enough that whenever I got in trouble, she assumed I was the instigator and never once blamed the company I kept. She's always been pretty darn wise.

An entrepreneur. A helper. A pot-stirrer.
To my core.

In the summer of 2013, my three core facets aligned like the crossing beams of the Ghostbusters' lasers and within six weeks, I had hired my first mentor coach, taken the first classes for my coaching certification, and begun working with my first ever coaching client!

Dozens of hours of post-certification continuing ed, three mentor coaches, and hundreds of clients later, I continue to be amazed that day after day, I get to spend my professional life helping some of the brightest, most driven, most powerful people I've ever met move forward with greater confidence, efficiency, and satisfaction.

Ooh, the satisfaction is the best part!

Ready to shake things up?

Let's get started.