Andrea Stumpf

Having Sarah Rawz as a career coach was a wonderful experience. She accompanied me for six months as I made the significant transition from fulltime employment to sole entrepreneurship, my … Read More

Alan Zucker

Sarah was my transition-from-corporate, start-up-an-enterpirse, be-an-entrepreneur coach. And, eventually my friend. Sarah is empathetic, practical, focused, and engaged. She knows when to push. She knows when to listen. She has … Read More

Eva Morse

[Sarah B] is wonderfully gifted in her work, and has been an invaluable asset for me both on my personal path, and of course, in my career. She has given … Read More

Beth C

Over the 6 months [of working with Sarah B], I have become more aware of my reactions to situations that arise and I am more aware of what choices are … Read More

Jason Gallimore

From our initial meeting, I found Sarah to be one of the most down to earth and understanding people that I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. She provided me … Read More


It’s time to plan… From business groups to artisan conferences, company workshops to leadership retreats, Sarah B has engaged and motivated intimate groups in living rooms and packed auditoriums alike … Read More


Ready to shake things up? Some traits and skills are innate, we’re born with them, like being able to tough the tip of our nose with our tongue. Others are … Read More


Consultation Prep FormIndividual Coaching AgreementKickoff FormMeeting Prep FormPost Meeting FormRECENT POSTS Bigger Badder Life I’ve been deadlifting asking April 16, 2018 by Sarah B I am not awesome at asking … Read More

Our Two Big Blind Spots

We have a literal blind spot in each of our eyes, a place where there are no receptors, a spot where we just can’t see. It’s the spot where the … Read More

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