Looking for the NoBS biz & empowerment coach? You found her.
May I introduce you to the freshly-polished star of this here website... Sarah B Rawz!


Born as Sarah Beth Kaplan with enough spunk to light a fire cracker.


Sarah Beth Jones, entrepreneur at heart. And that's a lot of heart.


Transformed and rebranded, Sarah B. Rawz is one badass biz coach.

Individual Coaching

You are packed with potential. We're talking boatloads of the stuff. And yet, you just don't feel like you're living it all. Maybe you feel a little stuck, or as though you've plateaued. Maybe you can't figure out your focus clearly enough to really get moving. Learn more about one-on-one coaching with Sarah B and how it can help you get focused, get stoked, and get moving.

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Team Coaching

You've got a great business and a great crew, and yet it's not quite clicking. Despite everyone's best effort, the workplace doesn't feel as good as you'd like, goals aren't being met as quickly as you'd like, and it sometimes seems as though each team member is pulling in a slightly different direction. With team coaching, Sarah B can help your posse make that ride into the sunset productive and satisfying.

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Whether she's talking to professional groups or budding writers, women leaders or young upstarts, Sarah B brings her unique (and, whew, energetic) brand of speaking to every crowd she addresses. Click through to see some of her past topics, or give her a holler to collaborate on a presentation that will inspire and motivate your organization.

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Coaching for bold people of all sorts

Dynamic Groups

Inquisitive Professionals

Whole-Hearted Entrepreneurs

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